Yesterday, Today and Forever


Nicola Gerrard - Flute, Baroque flute, Alto Flute and Piccolo
Alan Hicks - Piano
Alan Wilson - Harpsichord and Piano
Christopher Poffley - Baroque Cello

This recording presents flute music from the baroque era through to the present day and is played on a variety of different flutes providing authentic performances wherever possible. The music representing ‘Yesterday’ includes pieces by composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Prokofiev, Faure, and others. The music representing ‘Today’ includes a piece which I commissioned from Emma Field, whilst the music representing ‘Forever’ is characterised by those pieces with a spiritual dimension including ‘Take My Life’ by Alan Wilson.


G. Fauré: Morceau de Concours for Flute and Piano

G.F. Handel: Grave from Sonata in F Major (HWV 369) for Flute and Continuo

E. Bozza: Aria for Flute and Piano

F. Devienne: Adagio from Sonata in E Minor for Flute and Harpsichord

E. Field: Theme and Variations on Praise My Soul the King of Heaven for Flute and Piano

A. Vivaldi: Cantabile from Concerto in D major ‘Il Gardellino’ for Flute and Solo Cello

S. Prokofiev: Andante from Sonata No. 2 (op.94) for Flute and Piano

J.S. Bach: Andante from Sonata in E Minor (BWV 1034) for Flute and Continuo

Arr. Lyons: Londonderry Air for Alto Flute and Piano

R. Binge: The Watermill for Flute and Piano

A. Vivaldi: Largo from Concerto in C Major for Piccolo and Continuo

G. Fauré: Pavane for Flute and Piano

M.A.Reihert: Fantaisie Melancolique (op.1) for Flute and Piano:


  Theme-Andantino Moderato

  Variation 1

  Largo- un poco piu mosso

  Variation 11

D. Fox: Meditation for Alto Flute and Piano

N. Gerrard: Vigil Improvisation for Flute Solo

A. Wilson: Take my Life for Flute and Piano