God Breathed


Nicola Gerrard - Flute

Andy Silver - Keyboard


This CD has been inspired by my work with Andy Silver on BBC Radio 4’s Daily Service. My overwhelming passion to use the flute to worship God forms the basis of this CD and has been helped by Andy who has written most of the arrangements and helped me record it . It also includes two solo improvisations based on verses of scripture. This CD is different in that it has been designed for the Christian market and doesn’t contain any classical flute pieces.





1. All I once held dear: Graham Kendrick arr. Andy Silver

2.The Lord’s my Shepherd: Stuart Townend arr. Andy Silver

3. Jesus what a beautiful name: Darlene Zschech arr. Andy Silver

4. Waves (improvisation): Nicola Gerrard

5. Jesus be the Centre: Michael Frye arr. Andy Silver

6. What a beautiful name it is: Hillsong arr. Andy Silver

7. Oceans: Hillsong arr. Andy Silver

8. Broken Vessels: Hillsong arr. Andy Silver

9. Fountain of Life (improvisation): Nicola Gerrard

10. The Father’s Song: Matt Redman arr. Andy Silver

11. As the deer/Be Still (live): Marty Nystrom/Evans arr. Gerrard/Silver

12. Crown Him with many crowns: Diadamata arr. Andy Silver